Ship Efficiency by STG International Conference on Ship Efficiency
Ship Efficiency – Are you ready
to survive in the fuel and emission jungle?

Hamburg, 23-24 September 2019

About Ship Efficiency

In recent years with high fuel oil prices, energy saving has been a direct contribution in lowering the burden of fuel oil bills. Nowadays we see a much lower oil price but, around the corner, another obstacle is waiting: "MRV - Measuring, Reporting and Verification". This means - at least in the long run - nothing less than the reduction of the CO2-emission of ships calling at European ports and trading in European waters.

For shore based CO2-emission sources, there are measures for "Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage - CCS" "under way and we can already see some pilot installations. But this technology is not yet "state of the art" by far and you need not be a prophet to predict that we will probably not see any proven CCS-technology on board ships in the next decade.

Based on the above, for ship owners and ship managers there is only one way to cope with future requirements: reducing the CO2-emission by reducing the fuel consumption of the vessels. In other words: make your vessel as efficient as possible or you will have to pay the bill.

The German Society for Maritime Technology (STG) has launched this 6th international conference to look for answers to questions concerning improvements in the efficiency of shipping operations and thereby increasing a ship's profitability while considering environmental as well as legislative aspects.

This year the conference program will focus on ship efficiency from an interdisciplinary perspective in the following fields:

  • Ship efficiency in a more and more regulated environment
  • "Ship Efficiency 4.0" - will the "autonomous vessel" be the solution?
  • Energy saving provisions for particular ship types such as container vessels, bulkcarrier, tankers and cruise vessels

Since the conference takes a holistic approach to the entire ship system, it will be of interest to a wide range of experts from the entire Maritime Community:

  • Ship Owners/ Ship Managers
  • Ship builders/ Shipyards
  • Equipment-suppliers
  • Ship Model Basins
  • Classification Societies
  • Consultants
  • Financial analysts
  • Academics
  • Investors
Dr. Hermann J. Klein
Dr. Hermann J. Klein (President of The German Society for Maritime Technology)

The auditorium

Fred Deichmann und Henrik Breddam
Fred Deichmann (Executive Secretary of The German Society for Maritime Technology) and Henrik Breddam (speaker of the fourth Conference)

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